What is Nirvana, Moksha & Bliss?

Not a state to reach or attain. It is a view.

Karthik V
3 min readMar 31, 2024

Driven by curiosity, we overcome an obstacle that block our view by using stepping stones. We gather few stones that are lying around and use them as a stepping stone to get a glimpse of the view. The glamour of the view trigger us further to create a stable platform on which we can get an even better view. This has a cyclical and compounding effect on our views and on our understanding of the view.

Trust & Belief

We often sit on the shoulders of others and view with trust and safety. Those shoulders are nothing but belief, moral and religious values. We hope that those shoulders offers the best possible view.

Hope and ignorance are our obstacles that blocks or distorts our views and perceptions. In many scenarios we remain in the proverbial category of ‘he who doesn’t know that he knows’.

By finding the answer to the mother of all ignorance we get a spectacular view called NIRVANA, Moksha or Bliss and we eventually move to the category ‘he who knows that he knows’.

Mother of all ignorance

Whether we choose not to collect or don’t know how to collect, Ignorance is lack of information Intelligence is a rubble pile of information we gather to create a platform. Whether to view microscopic objects or celestial objects, our intelligence serves as a platform to get a better view.

How do we get the view? The assumption that I am viewing the world is the mother of all ignorance. We lack clarity on how the view is offered, who is offering the view? Who is viewing? Is reality a view?

What is a view, who offers it?

A ‘view’ is generally refer to a portrayal in a limited context like an opinion, a poem, photo within a frame. Who is offering the view of world to us and view about our own self?

When the information reach the sensory organs, we term that as sensing. Whereas when the sensed information reach our awareness, we term that as knowing. Knowing is a view offered by the mind assembled from the gathered information as thoughts. This information about how thoughts are formed, mechanically and independently, is the one stepping stone from where we could view that everything is offered without effort and independently all the time for a given context.

Everything in this universe moves. The mind takes snapshot of the movement and present as a view. Any change in the universe, including the mind, alters the snapshot view taken by the mind.

It is the view that we exchange with others. A student present his view to the examiner. A lawyer present his view to the judge. Lovers exhibit their emotions as views. In a protest, people as a community portray their anger as a collective view. With jewelleries and apparel, we project a view of opulence and sophistication.

Interpretation of ‘view’ enable us to relax, detach and view ourselves as a view offered by the mind. The world, reality, self, relationship, emotions, pain, pleasure anything that we perceive reduces to a view from the rubble pile of information. And eventually we could clearly view

Why we are doing, what we are doing.

This meta-cognitive way of viewing enable us to empathize with equanimity and view our mistakes and navigate this world of views.

As any other component of the world, Nirvana, Moksha and Bliss are nothing but views and the way we view.